Connectic Fitness
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A Balanced Life: Owning The Space Between Average And Athlete. 


Your wellness should always be in your own hands.

Take back your power.

You are in the right place if…

You are frustrated with your health and fitness.

You feel super uncomfortable in the gym and

You don’t know really what you should do with your workout.

You are on medication and you want to find a natural solution to your health concerns.

You have an anxiety disorder or depression.

You feel like your health is in the hands of a doctor or a trainer.

You don’t like how you look and feel and you know that you want better.

You want to take an educated approach to your health and

You want to take back your power to control your health, wellness, mental state, and every aspect of your life.

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Hi, I’m Lisa. I dramatically reduced my dependence on anti-anxiety and depressions meds with exercise & diet alone. Now, I’m showing others how to take back their power over their health, naturally.

I suffered from anxiety disorder and depression in my teens. After being on medication for years, I felt trapped. I wanted to find a natural way to manage my condition without sacrificing my mental health. My doctor casually suggested that I try cardio because “it works for some people”. I was desperate so I did. And I loved the way that I felt!

I felt like: “ok, this might work.” Except that regular cardio made me feel self-conscious about my size. How could I utilize exercise for my mental health AND get strong and fit? I invested in multiple trainers to help me but I noticed that without a trainer with me in the gym, I had no idea how to workout.

I didn’t know which exercises were right for my fitness goals or how to combine them. It was a friend who challenged me to create workouts for the both of us so we could workout together and motivate each other. That lit the spark that became Connectic Fitness!

I create workouts and work with one-on-one clients to achieve your fitness goals WHILE educating you on what to do and why. My goal is to educate you to take back your power over your own health and wellness.

I want you to feel so confident in managing your fitness that you fire me. Yes, fire me! Then I will know that I’ve done my job.

You are strong and capable. Nobody knows your body better than you. You can be in command of your own health.

I can show you how. ❤️